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Welcome to DIVORCE HELP, the first website of its kind to offer you the only resource you may ever need regarding divorce in Denver or anywhere in Colorado. If you or someone you know is getting divorced, please consider take the time to review the information and videos on DIVORCE HELP and consider mediation for your disputes.

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It is true that any divorce has the potential to be highly complex and difficult to deal with. This does not have to be the case with your divorce, however. Approaching a matter such as this from a different standpoint - mediation - may offer you a cost-effective and less stressful solution. A Denver divorce mediation lawyer at our firm can offer you knowledgeable, straightforward insight into your particular case to determine what advantages mediation may have to offer you and your family.

Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) wherein parties involved in a dispute resolve their disagreements outside of the courtroom. This process involves a third party, the mediator, who acts from a neutral standpoint to assist parties in reaching their own agreements regarding the matter at hand. The mediator does not give advice to either party but rather facilitates the process with an open and free exchange of information. In a Denver divorce, mediation may be useful in helping a husband and wife work out the many sensitive divorce issues that must be addressed: spousal support, child custody, collaborative law, fathers' rights, uncontested divorce, child support, parental responsibilities and asset division.

There are many benefits that may be experienced by choosing mediation over courtroom litigation in a contested divorce. Saving time and money is a primary advantage, as is the ability to reach your own arrangements and agreements regarding difficult issues such as custody or support. These issues will have a financial and emotional impact on you and your children. If you and your spouse are able to create your own agreement with the assistance of a mediator, you may be able to reach a more flexible arrangement that suits your family's unique needs. Though a family law judge would attempt to make a ruling based upon the facts of your case and your child's best interests, it may not be as beneficial as an agreement you reach on your own.

Mediation Partners & Divorce Help Center can help you navigate the often very difficult divorce process while avoiding the high cost and emotional damage of a contested divorce with lawyers and judges. Although our mediators are trained and licensed Colorado attorneys, Mediation Partners provides mediation only; we are committed to divorce mediation as the most cost effective and fair process available to resolving your marital disputes.

After litigation cases as a lawyer since 1987, we have developed a process and the track record to successfully and smoothly resolve your divorce, and assist with all the necessary paperwork required by the courts. We serve the Denver Metro and surrounding areas and conduct mediations at both our offices and courthouses across the state.

Why use the Mediation Partners & Divorce Help Center?

If you are seeking a low-cost, low-stress resolution to your divorce, you may find it through mediation at Mediation Partners. Originally started as a Denver law firm in 1987, and after seeing too many people treated unfairly by the litigation process and the court system in their divorce, we started Mediation Partners. Our mediation service is an affordable alternative to hiring an expensive individual divorce trial lawyer.

We cap our fees at a maximum for all services, thus avoiding runaway legal costs. In a mediated divorce, there is minimal time commitment, quick resolution, and, in many cases, no court appearances are required.

Our trained Denver mediation lawyer will work with you and your partner to bring about an agreeable resolution for both of you in all areas, including division of assets, development of an appropriate parenting plan given your unique situation, calculation of child support, and other related issues. Thus, you and your partner will decide the outcome of your divorce in a rational and private manner, not by a judge in a stressful often-rancorous public trial.

Numerous studies about divorce mediation have shown that divorcing couples are more mutually satisfied with divorce terms that have been agreed upon rather than imposed by a judge. Divorced parties who have mediated their divorce agreements also have a higher rate of compliance with its terms.

Finally, the level of success of your children after divorce is directly related to ONLY the level of conflict between the divorcing parents, not the terms of the divorce.

What does a divorce mediator do?

A Denver divorce Mediation Partners mediator can assist you in your divorce mediation by educating you and your partner of the standards courts use in resolving divorce issues. Much of this information is provided in this website in the Video Vault as well as in the Slide Show presentations under the tabs above.

A mediator can also discuss your options on various divorce issues, by providing guidance through the negotiations, by suggesting creative ways to settle differences, and by preparing the necessary divorce paperwork if you desire. We handle any type of divorce mediation case, including small and large asset cases, short and long term marriages, and childless marriages as well as those with eight children.

We also handle many post decree mediations where parties need to tweak the terms of their previous divorce agreement or orders due to changing circumstances in their lives. At our mediation firm, our work is done in a neutral, professional, and convenient manner by a trained and experienced mediator who also has many years of experience as a divorce attorney.

Divorce mediation allows you to have more control over your divorce resolution. Done in a cooperative setting, it helps divorcing couples avoid legal warfare that can be so harmful to both sides and, more importantly, to their children. Because it's a low-cost alternative to divorce litigation, it keeps the family's assets and finances where they belong: in their own pockets to benefit themselves and their children's futures.

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